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Suffering & Solutions

In Judaism we believe as a general rule that people suffer because of their actions. Since Hashem runs the world, he gives punishments to people who are deserving, and rewards people for their good deeds.

Our sages say that Teshuva (repentance), Prayers (learning Torah) & Tzedakah (giving charity) could take away these sufferings!

Even though that most effective way to end suffering would be if the person who is suffering partakes in the above personally, the pray and Torah learning of others (on his behalf) can also help to save him.

Our school, Tashbar Torat Hayim provides such merit of prayers and Torat learning of over 200 students. The learning in our Bet Midrash is also a big merit for those who dedicate one or more days of Torah learning.

If you know of someone who has (G-d forbid) sickness, financial difficulties, marriage and / or family problems, court cases or looking for his/her soul mate please refer them to us.

Also Torah learning for the Neshama (soul) of somebody who has passed away or the Yartzeit (the anniversary of death) is one of the best things that could be done for that person. Please contact us at 310-652-2626 for more information.